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Unlock your potential today.

How to unlock your full athletic potential?

Focus on yourself a few moments, and think about the principles you are applying, that directly and indirectly reflect on the training program that you follow.

Many athletes have been taught to focus only on the physical aspect of training. But to improve and raise the level of your performance, you need to focus on your total athletic actualization.

Train your brain.

Psychologists in sport help athletes, coaches, and team staff to use psychological principles to achieve optimal mental health and to improve performance on the field (performance enhancement).


Some of the areas a psychologist in sport can help/assist you with:

Dealing with stressful and demanding aspects of your profession

Help you cope with pressure of sport by helping you learn coping and management skills. Manage stress, control anxiety, maintain composure under pressure.

Performance profiling

A coaching tool to help define strengths and weaknesses

Learning mental strategies to improve focus and concentration

Managing emotions

Emotional regulation/control in sport

Helping coaches build team cohesiveness

Encouraging individuals to set goals and assist you towards them

Helping athletes and teams enhance their learning process and motor skills

Helping athletes deal with cognitive and emotional consequences of injuries

"Before you are a leader, success is about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is about growing others." - Jack Welch


Whoever gets the chance to work with Bojana in the world of handball will be impressed, not only by her competence, personality and right feeling for handling expected or unexpected situations in a calm and professional way, but always with a charming smile on her face, making people feel at home, well-taken care of, fully entrusting in what she is saying….! Apart from her successful experience in mentally coaching both Serbian handball national teams in their most recent success years 2012 and 2013, the EHF decided to take her on the boat in 2017 as a psychologist, mental and performance coach in the EHF Scientific Network of Specialists. Since that time she has helped us a lot at the EHF Young Coaches Workshop, the Erasmus+ Project Handball for Dual Careers, working with young talents of renowned clubs such as BM Granollers, IK Sävehof and Fenix Toulouse, taking part in EHF Scientific Conferences and accomplishing the University Certificate programme “European Handball Manager” at the German Sport University in Cologne in 2017 – Congrats, Bojana, for what you have achieved so far – go ahead. We count on you!


- Senior Manager, EHF Competence Academy & Network (EHF CAN)


A person’s success is currently determined by five universal areas of life, mindfully chosen and called the ‘cobbles of successes’, because just like the bricks into a stable pavement, everyone needs to nourish each of these foundations, so they in return can nourish the chosen path and give it a strong centre of gravity in sustaining the whole ‘life building’. ……Each brick starts with a ‘P’ and those five ’P’s are: PURPOSE: the inborn mission to find or create her/his unique purpose in life, and pursue it. PASSION: energy of excitement and playfulness in following own mission/s. PEOPLE: persons who have the same values, goals and inspiration as high as ours, who uplift us rather than drag us down. PROSPERITY: simply a function of own wealth mind-set. PROFESSION: a natural outgrowth of who we are and what we truly care about in reaching our highest potential both personally and professionally. ……Each brick starts with a ‘P’ and those five ’P’s are designed and concluded in an intense equivalency and unique vector = Bojana Jelicic


Senior Manager EHF Office - EHF 'RINCK' Convention Expert


Everybody, who places emphasis on professionalism, will highly appreciate a cooperation with Bojana. Not only does she prepare herself excellently before every course/seminar/conference that she is invited to, but also is very much involved, and interacts with people during and after the event. Her personal approach to all persons she has contact with, is a very valuable feature. I had a pleasure to work with Bojana on several occasions and can confirm that as she presents various topics in theory, during a personal contact with her you can observe and learn in practice how to build a proper contact with others. One of the events I kept in mind particularly, was the EHF Young Coaches Workshop. It is a unique and demanding initiative not only for the participants, but especially for the lecturers. The experts have to evaluate all coaches individually, all day long for the whole week. Bojana was not only capable of doing so, but also built a unique relationship with the participants, who trusted her after such a short time. Based on my observation and personal experience, I can definitely confirm that Bojana can offer a mix of high competence matched with a great personality. Thank you Bojana for your support and friendship! :)


EHF Education & Development


I had the privilege of getting to know Bojana during the Master Coach Romania, second Module. She accepted the Romanian Handball Federation invitation and the pre-event communication with her was very easy to handle, in such a direct and “to the point” way. Bojana’s intervention during the course consisted of three theoretical lessons covering two topics that our 27 participants were especially satisfied with, finding the topics highly interesting and in line with the requirements of any sport nowadays. The content of the lessons was very comprehensible and easy to follow, as Bojana’s way of presenting included a lot of examples, handball videos, and personal experiences. She was also open to questions and remarks, being patient and positive while formulating her answers. During the visiting days, she was not only a part of her three presentations, but rather attended all the other lecturers’ presentations. Her open and easy way of communicating with other lecturers and participants made everybody feel comfortable and safe in her presence. I have discovered Bojana as a strong, positive, easy to adapt person and a highly competent professional, and I am glad we had the opportunity to have her share her experience with us. Because of all that, thanks from the heart, Bojana!


Secretary General, Romanian Handball Federation


It was a great pleasure and professional experience working with Bojana. As a highly qualified and competent sports psychologist, she integrated my staff in Red Star FC at the begining of 2013. Very precise and sharp in observations, as well as in the way of communication with players and coaches, she was a precious member of the staff. With individual, group and collective approach to the team, unlimited energy, and, above all, high professional competence and strong personality, her credibility in the team was raising day after day. She puts the bar very high in terms of the impact on everyday life of the group, and shows in a direct way the importance of the psychologist in high level football. Bojana is, by far, the best psychologist I have ever met in sport.


China U20 (Head coach, China men’s national under-20 football team).


Watching the handball match Serbia - Norway, during women’s World Championship in 2013, I realized that something different and unusual was happening in the match. This intrigued me so much that I started to ask around - finding out that Bojana Jelicic is working with that team. I wanted to meet her. While talking to others about a sports psychologist, I was laughed at, but I did not react, as I was very curious. I managed to meet with Bojana, and through the conversation realize that, regardless of my experience in playing and coaching career, I still have things to learn. We spoke for hours and I gained insight on how psychology, investing in players’ mental readiness and performance is an important segment that needed to be worked on. The first opportunity to work with her was the next national team competition, where she has helped me a lot in preparing the team. If I had the opportunity, I would always have Bojana in my team staff, knowing the importance of having her in the team and being aware of how much I can develop. What makes me happy is that through our collaboration, I have gained a special friend with unlimited trust.


HC Tatran Prešov (Head coach).


„This is something else“, I told myself. It was after hearing Bojana speak for the first time. Her mindset, her approach to individuals, to the team and the angles she was pointing out to find solutions, connected us very naturally. We will make a good team together, when the moment comes. Until then, I will cherish your frendship!


CSM Bucuresti (Head coach). Montenegro women's national handball team (Assistant coach).


I have met Bojana in person when she came to work in VC Vojvodina during the season 2017/2018. At that moment, we played the second part of the season and were having difficulties in the area of communication - more precisely, on the level of coach-player relation(ships), as well as the attitude players were having towards training sessions and matches. Bojana accepted the challenge, and got involved with the team and issues. With her working style, communication and relation with the players and the team staff, she has significantly contributed to the Championship title that we ended up winning. In her work, she was very direct and professional with advice, explanations and instructions, managing to establish an atmosphere that is needed in a sports team – thus directly influencing and creating positive effects in the team. In addition to being an expert in her profession, she established an excellent cooperation and communication, in the first place with the team, as well as with the people working in the club.


VC Vojvodina (Sports director). Serbia men's national volleyball team (team manager).


Bojana and I know each other from the national team. She has worked with us during European Championship 2012, World Championship 2013, and the qualification games in 2014. Working with her on an individual level, while I was playing in Russia, was an absolutely amazing experience.. and it was after her collaboration with the Serbia women's national handball team, where we finished with fantastic results and Bojana was a very big part of that. Bojana cares about us, how we feel and perceive ourselves and each other within the team, helping us to become closer to one another and better friends, more stable and stronger in our heads, calmer in our challenges and issues, and completely focused on our mutual goal – MEDAL, after so many years – the brighter the better! Bojana has built TRUST and FAITH, we started to trust each other more then ever, which completely reflected on the court, and all that we have believed in came true. The way she motivated us before every match was in such a way that, besides being very tired, we found strength for a calm mind and fighting spirit with all our heart. My reasons for our individual collaboration were the same.. to work on my self-control (I am very emotional and explosive) and develop a stronger focus, to comment and talk about my performance during games – how was I, what could have been better and how to raise the level of my performance – she was outstanding. Bojana is, definitely, one of the best psychologists in the world of sports.


SCM Râmnicu Vâlcea (ROM). Serbia women's national handball team.


If you were to ask me to recommend a sport psychologist - I would most definitely recommend Bojana Jelicic! We have met in 2014, during a preparation period for European Championship in handball and the collaboration continued until the end of the Championship. She is a person that is very professional, dedicated to her work, full of positive energy, persistent and ready to invest the last atom of her strength to do what she has come for. Bojana will teach you how to (re)act in stress situations, how to take over responsibility, and how to handle all that goes with those situations. She is the best sport psychologist and it was a pleasure that I had the opportunity to work with her – and it is even a greater one for developing a great fridenship with her!


HC Lokomotiva (CRO). Croatia women’s ex-national handball team player.


Bojana is a person that charges with positive thoughts and good vibes everyone around her. She has taught me how to be more self aware and control my mind in stressful situations, how to be ready to recognize and with confidence use the opportunity when it opens up. I became more aware and have gained a more complete insight on how my mind can, and does, make the difference, how powerful we can be, and are, if we learn how to perceive and control our mind and ourselves.


SCM Râmnicu Vâlcea (ROM). Spain women’s national handball team.

About me

Bojana Jelicic is an internationally recognized authority with fifteen years of experience in the areas of top performance sport psychology with a parallel specialty in the education of athletes, coaches and team staff.

Her areas of expertise in Elite Individual and Group/Team Peak Performing include work with elite professional athletes through an individual and team approach, covering Club and/or National Federation level of operation and collaboration, teams at national and international levels of competitions.

As an expert member of the EHF Scientific Network Group of Specialists, she covers activities on fields of expert work, consulting and lecturing.

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